Creating a Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland

When I became a mum seven month ago, I was keen to breastfeed, having heard about the numerous benefits. I also knew it wasn’t always an easy endeavour. However, I was lucky and we took to it well – so much so that my baby refused to ever take a bottle. I’m pretty confident to breastfeed when and where I need to, although this has become harder now that my little boy often chooses to ‘shout’ rather loud when being fed! I can’t say it’s always been easy but I’m glad I made the choice that I did. With that in mind, I was really interested to see this event being promoted on social media – How can we build a Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland? 

It’s a drop in event organised by La Leche League working with NHS Lothian, the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), the Breastfeeding Network and the Scottish Government Breastfeeding Advocacy and Culture Change Advisory Group. I’m looking forward to attending and hope I can make a positive contribution to the conversation. I just hope that it’s not just mums like me who are interested breastfeeding (and who have had a positive breastfeeding experience) who choose to attend and add their voice to the conversation. I’m sure the organisers are working to get a mix in attendance. This was always a challenge for us when recruiting for similar events or for co-design activities – how to make sure you hear the full range of voices on an issue. 

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