Socially distanced engagement and co-designing

I enjoyed presenting and participating in the panel session last week as part of the User Engagement session within the MaaS Scotland Online Conference. For those who couldn’t attend, I was speaking about how we need to think more creatively about our methods of engagement and co-design while we continue to face social distancing restrictions. Many of the solutions that first come to mind are digital – using Zoom, WhatsApp, Mural, Padlet or Minecraft for instance.

On reflection, I felt I could have said more about how to engage and co-design with people who are not digitally connected or confident using these technologies.

Researched by Others

Understanding the Role of Values

This week I attended a fantastic summit organised by the 2050 Scottish Youth Climate Group. One of the workshops I attended was focused on behaviour change models. During the workshop we only had time to concentrate on one of the models – DEFRA’s 4Es. However, I have since done a little reading around some of the other models mentioned by the presenter. One in particular has really caught my attention. It is the Common Cause model which you can read more about at: